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The France-based beauty brand, Yves Rocher click here is inspired by nature and have integrated an ethical commitment to the environment. From the formulation of a product up to the time it is used, Yves Rocher’s goal is to constantly reduce its environmental impact.

In La Gacilly, France where Yves Rocher was founded and make all their products,  55 hectares of fields in La Gacilly, are organic where they grow arnica, calendula, nasturtium and cornflower – the flowers that they use most in their products. Also, The Plant Charter conveys their exacting standards for all of the plant sources: never any GMOs or endangered species, choice of wild renewable plant parts, etc.

I find great inspiration in Yves Rocher’s Botanical Beauty expert, which blends an understanding of Nature with Scientific Research. Moreover, Yves Rocher Research is undertaken in Yves Rocher’s own laboratories, a rarity in the world of green beauty. We have a Research Centre that is specifically dedicated to innovation in Botanical Beauty.

This takes Yves Rocher to a whole other level than many other beauty brands as they truly integrate the nature to formulate the most effective plant-based active ingredients and textures for women’s beauty.

Below are images from Yves Rocher’s event in Copenhagen where they introduced three themes: Sensual, Energizing, and Relaxing.

IMG_2491 IMG_2488



My two newest Yves Rocher products with ECO-friendly tube.


Yves Rocher takes nature and sustainability to an upgrades level!



Julie Pallesen


— This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Yves Rocher —

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