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Healthy living can be difficult, especially if you live in the city and do not always have time to do groceries and cook. Worldwide there is opening more and more healthy cafés, which I am a huge fan of. In New York and London to take the “healthy choice” is easier than other cities. Copenhagen is trying to keep up with this healthy-living trend and I have become a big fan of 42Raw, which is located in Copenhagen city center as well as Hellerup and Frederiksberg. I love their beautiful juices, matcha lattes, raw burger with sweet potato fries, salads and their newest addition is their morning bowls; acai bowl, matcha bowl, Chia bowl and granola bowl. I have tried all of them and they are delish!!

On the picture above, I am enjoying a cashew matcha latte with my lovely friend, Cecilie Blaksted (blogger on Simplyfit.dk). And below are some of the dishes that I have tried at 42RAW:IMG_2806

// Raw burger with gluten free bread and sweet potato fries together with a tasty juice. IMG_2672

// Matcha bowl


// Chia bowl with matcha and Granola bowl to the right

rawfood, 42raw, copenahgen,

// Acai bowl to the left and a raw noodle salad with sweet potato fries and a pink juice…

Healthy easting at 42RAW!



Julie Pallesen

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