Surfing in St. Barth

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I am planning my summer vacation and while shuffling through my photostream I came across these surfing pictures from my vacation in paradise island, St. Barth. When I am in St. Barth I surf almost every day preferable in the morning (if I can get up, as you might know I am not a morning person), which is a perfect start of the day. Surfing is a great exercise and really fun after just an hour surfing I will feel soreness in my arms and upper body.

I am planning my next surfing trip so I can advance my surfing skills which are not the best but I try… I am planning on surfing in Europe as the weather is hopefully great in Europe so I do not need to travel so far. I have been to Biarritz, France and I am now planning on traveling to San Sebastian, Spain to try a new place out but I will keep you posted on my plans.

Below are pictures from my favorite paradise spot, St. Barth


Wearing Adidas surfing outfit

IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8665 IMG_8578 IMG_8735 IMG_8739

Dreaming back to surf vibes!!





  1. 21. July 2016

    Awesome place for surfing(I don’t but my husband does) or just to have a gateway. One of my favourite places to be! Plus I love the fact that you are in Europe in such a magical attire :). Btw we are going to Biarritz in September :). Te other place to be for surfers x

    • 21. July 2016
      This Way

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      I love surfing and I will go to San Sebastian in a week to surf. I was in Biarritz two years ago and I really loved it – I hope you will enjoy it too. And another tip is to try their cakes – Biarritz is very famous for amaaaazing cakes 😉

      Have a lovely summer!
      All the best,

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