Visiting Asos headquarter in London


I am currently in London and enjoying every minute here. I have amazing friends here, great work, and exciting projects for my blog that I am working on here. One of the things I had planned was visiting the cool online high street company, ASOS. I got the whole tour in the company – from the production, planning, and organizing og the photoshoots, clothing, manufacturing and more. It was really cool and inspiring to get inside the building and see how everything is done being the online Asos screen.


Wearing: Ivy Copenhagen Jeans, Chanel sneakers, and Gucci bag.

Asos headquarter is located in London where 1500 people are working inside. I can easily get lost in the building which is why I have at least one of the sweet Asos employees to follow me around – I felt very privileged. Moreover, I got to do the “ASOS-CATWALK” (click here) like the models are doing on their online site – how cool is that! Below are pictures from my visit:IMG_3496 IMG_3577 IMG_3591


Goodbye from the Asos headquarter!


Julie Pallesen


— This is a sponsored post by Ivy Copenhagen—

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