· World Traveller
I am in wonderful Ibiza – the bohemian party island. I love coming to Ibiza and I have been traveling here every year the past seven years. The atmosphere on this island is magical and positive, which is very inspiring more

Scoop Stories

· Model Stuff
My newest released pictures is from a photoshoot I did with my model agency, Scoop Models who makes editorials. The photographer Oscar Meyer was the cool guy behind the lens and he wa absolutely nice and easy to shoot with. more

Summer nails

· Beauty Essentials
I went to the Copenhagen Market for the first time, which is retailers who can come and buy flowers, fruits, veggies, and much much more.. The market is huge so you have yo know where to go. I went to more

Hair protection during summer

· Beauty Essentials
Summer vibes is upon us and protecting the hair is very important because of the natural damage the sun gives the hair. I have equipped myself with the YvesRocher Jojoba shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a lot of more

Acai Bowl

· Food
A perfect morning for me at home starts with an espresso and homemade acai bowl. Also I take my vitamins from VITAVIVA every morning. Acai is really hyped now and I want to support this hype as I really think its more

Denim match

· World Traveller
Enjoying my time in London where everybody has a funky style and does not looks weird at you if you wear a complete purple outfit. That is one of the things that I really love about London – nobody is more