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My newest released pictures is from a photoshoot I did with my model agency, Scoop Models who makes editorials. The photographer Oscar Meyer was the cool guy behind the lens and he wa absolutely nice and easy to shoot with. The styling was done by the lovely Anette Hvidt, who is a freelance stylist and a good one!!

I really like the outcome of the photoshoot and I think that this is the first time a photographer has caught a picture of me where I laugh – usually I always have to look very serious. So I am really satisfied with these pictures.

The denim overall that I am wearing is from Diesel 
Skærmbillede 2016-05-30 kl. 16.45.21 IMG_0301

This picture is behind the scenes and a picture of a close-up of the make-up. Wearing: Just Female top


Julie Pallesen

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