I am in wonderful Ibiza – the bohemian party island. I love coming to Ibiza and I have been traveling here every year the past seven years. The atmosphere on this island is magical and positive, which is very inspiring to me.

I have been traveling with a big group of people from all over the world but the one thing we all have in common is positive vibes and happiness, which I believe is key to make everything magical.
Above I am sitting with the lovely Dutch girl, Kunna.

Below are pictures from my Ibiza vacation. IMG_5666

Ibiza viewIMG_5589

My boho outfit IMG_5255

My morning view


The stonehenge is one of the newest art attractions on the island. The stonehenge is a gift from Guy Laliberte, who bought the land and build these stonehenge and made it a public attraction – how amazing is this?!IMG_5656

Me in my Asos strapless dress


IMG_4757 IMG_4815 IMG_4850 IMG_4468 IMG_5168 IMG_5192 IMG_5191

Project Art gallery exhibition 


Peace, Love, and Happiness from Ibiza


Julie Pallesen

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