Basic must-have earrings

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We all have our favorite jewelry-pieces – some are presents from family members, boyfriend, girlfriends, or bought for ourself. I have some jewelries that I always wear and then I have other pieces that I change depending on mood, outfit, more

Beach weekend i Barcelona

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This is my last weekend in Barcelona which I will enjoy mostly on the beach with two girlfriends of mine who are in town to visit me. I cannot wait to hang out with them, show them my favourite places more

Travel inspiration

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I am going through my travel pictures, which I love to do in order to get inspiration for my travel destinations and also just to take my mind back to the amazing moments in my past travels. Above I am in more

Coconut feeling

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To me, summer is associated with palms, sun, and coconuts. I love the sight of palms because I instantly get a feeling of summer and exotic-ness. That has also something to do with the fact that I grew up in more

Off shoulder top addiction

· Boutique
I am a huge fan of the off the shoulder tops and I have them in all different colors. This off the shoulder blouse is from Malene Hocke and I love the color and print on this one. Get inspired by more

My H&M For Every Victory moment

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H&M has now launched a new sports collection, H&M For Every Victory. This collection aims to inspire sporty clothes to be and stylish and functional at the same time. This collection emphasises on the personal victories, which I believe counts more

Back to the gym

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I have had a two weeks break from working out, which is a long break for me. I cannot remember the last time there have past two weeks between my workouts but I think my body needed a break. Actually more

Face misting

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One of my absolute beauty must-have is a face mist. I always carry it with me when I fly because the dry air on the airplanes dries out your skin. Therefore a face mist is perfect for airplanes. Also, during more

Travel plans

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I am planning my next travel plans for the next couple of months and I mean it looks amazing!!!! I will go to new exotic places and back to places I have been before so I can explore them even more

Barcelona casting life

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‘Modeling in Barcelona‘ can sound very glamorous when first giving it a thought. But but but there is both advantages and disadvantages like many other things in life. My modeling agency here in Barcelona, which I am signed with are more