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Basic must-have earrings

We all have our favorite jewelry-pieces – some are presents from family members, boyfriend, girlfriends, or bought for ourself. I have some jewelries that I always wear and then I have other pieces that I change depending on mood, outfit, occasions, and work.  However I always wear small gold studs – and on some photoshoots the photographer and stylist allow me to keep the gold studs on (like the above photoshoot in Copenhagen with Troels Jepsen). I have many different...

Beach weekend i Barcelona

This is my last weekend in Barcelona which I will enjoy mostly on the beach with two girlfriends of mine who are in town to visit me. I cannot wait to hang out with them, show them my favourite places in Barcelona and enjoy quality time together. My weekend essentials: Sandals from DAY Birger Mikkelsen, Swimsuit from Tommy Hilfiger, Sunscreen from Yves Rocher. My sunscreen for the face is 50SPF and my after sun from Yves Rocher is a must...

Travel inspiration

I am going through my travel pictures, which I love to do in order to get inspiration for my travel destinations and also just to take my mind back to the amazing moments in my past travels. Above I am in Dubai, which was a very different and extreme experience compared to all the other places I have been. When I travel to new places for the first time I always search on the online search engine, momondo to explore my options...

Coconut feeling

To me, summer is associated with palms, sun, and coconuts. I love the sight of palms because I instantly get a feeling of summer and exotic-ness. That has also something to do with the fact that I grew up in Copenhagen which is cold and there are no palm trees and every summer since I was a little child I traveled to my family in Israel where my summer associations are created from. This summer I am currently in Barcelona,...

Off shoulder top addiction

I am a huge fan of the off the shoulder tops and I have them in all different colors. This off the shoulder blouse is from Malene Hocke and I love the color and print on this one. Get inspired by “Off the shoulder tops” from ASOS who has many many amazing ones click here  xx Julie Pallesen and her off the shoulder tops addiction
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