Back to the gym


I have had a two weeks break from working out, which is a long break for me. I cannot remember the last time there have past two weeks between my workouts but I think my body needed a break. Actually the break started as I went on holiday to Ibiza and then I had too much work, flights, and a final exam, which took all my time. BUT BUT BUT I am back now. This Sunday I managed to hit the gym, which was a tough choice for me. It is definitely harder to force yourself to the gym if you are not in the routine. I decided to get back into the routine and started this Sunday with a cardio core training consisting of interval sprints and strengthening exercises.

After my workout I went to meet a friend for coffee and croissants! This is a perfect Sunday morning/noon for me.


Wearing: Givenchy sunglasses, Filippa K bomber jacket, Adidas Stella Sport sweather, Yo Studios tights, and Adidas sneakers



From Julie at Laura’s Bakery





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