Coconut feeling


To me, summer is associated with palms, sun, and coconuts. I love the sight of palms because I instantly get a feeling of summer and exotic-ness. That has also something to do with the fact that I grew up in Copenhagen which is cold and there are no palm trees and every summer since I was a little child I traveled to my family in Israel where my summer associations are created from.

This summer I am currently in Barcelona, which is a fantastic city. Barcelona offers amazing restaurants, beach, sunny weather, I work well here, and the city has a lot of palm trees – what more is there to ask for?



With my coconut ice-cream in my coconut coloured bikini.




Yves Rocher Sensual products (link here), which are all with coconut-flavour – and definitely my favourite one!



//Yves Rocher coconut shower gel 

// Yves Rocher Coconut lip balm 08667

// Yves Rocher Coconut body lotion 



Julie and her coconuts

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