Basic must-have earrings


We all have our favorite jewelry-pieces – some are presents from family members, boyfriend, girlfriends, or bought for ourself. I have some jewelries that I always wear and then I have other pieces that I change depending on mood, outfit, occasions, and work.  However I always wear small gold studs – and on some photoshoots the photographer and stylist allow me to keep the gold studs on (like the above photoshoot in Copenhagen with Troels Jepsen). I have many different gold studs and keep the same pair for several months before changing them to another pair – like this I feel like the small changes and I looove wearing earrings and jewelries in general.

I have made a selection with my favorite golden studs from the Danish jewelry brand, Hvisk (link), who makes a lot of amazing affordable jewelries. _4664-side-1

// Hvisk star studs


// Hvisk leaf studs 


// Hvisk small gold loops


// Hvisk gold flush studs with zirconia _8478-front_1

// Hvisk gold moonlight multi color studs

Get your new gold studs!


Julie Pallesen


  1. 14. August 2016

    Love the gold loops and the “moonies”

    • 16. August 2016
      This Way

      Yes, they are so pretty! 🙂


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