Palms and Beaches

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Paradise island in French Polynesia looks like this.. Palms, beach, corals, and baby sharks…. Working on my tan with my Asos top and Hvisk gold chain earrings. xx from paradise

Barcelona City Guide 2016

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After spending 6 weeks in Barcelona during summer 2016 I have made a Barcelona City Guide where I recommend the places that I have seen, tried, eaten, and explored. Barcelona offers many different cultural attractions as well as gastronomic experiences. Furthermore more

Happy feet

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My August is full of adventures and traveling. I have just come back from a paradise trip to French Polynesia which has been beyond anything I could ever imagine. Everyday I wanted to raise my arms up in the air more

French Polynesia Beach be like…

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I have spent 12 days in French Polynesia with very poor internet connection, which has been great for my mind but annoying for my control-freakiness I have. Therefore I have not been able to post anything about this amazing island more

LA vibes

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I am currently in Los Angeles having meetings, seeing friends, and enjoying the LA life. I have not been a lot in LA and does not really know my way around. However I have friends here who tells me all more

Vitamins needed

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One of the ways I take care of myself and my body is with vitamins. I am a proud ambassador for VITAVIVA which makes vitamins and supplements for almost all needs. I have some vitamins which I take every day more

Barcelona Outfits

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After spending 5 weeks in Barcelona I have explored my kind of Barcalona style. The weather is hot and the beach creates a more relaxed dresscode. I did not wear high heels so often but I wore more light summer dresses and more

White on White

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My white on white summer outfit from LalaBerlin with flower power printed sandals from Gucci and jewellery from Hvisk. I was wearing this outfit for an event in London where I did not get the memo of the dresscode and I had more

15 days cleanse

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I have just done a 15 days cleanse to clean my system inside out, which I will recommend everyone to do once a year. The 15 Day Cleanse from VITAVIVA helps rid the intestinal tract of excess waste, reduces bloating, and more