15 days cleanse


I have just done a 15 days cleanse to clean my system inside out, which I will recommend everyone to do once a year.

The 15 Day Cleanse from VITAVIVA helps rid the intestinal tract of excess waste, reduces bloating, and helps increase the level of energy. Basically it gets rid of all your dirt inside you. While you are on the 15 days cleanse you cannot drink alcohol because it damaged the cleansing process and the organs that your are about to clean. You shall eat like you normally do so it is not a detox feasting – do not juice feast or anything detoxifying while you are on the cleanse. Eat normally and take two pills in the evening before going to bed.

My purpose of during this 15 days cleanse was solely to clean my body inside out and do get rid of dirt in my body. Some people gets some stomach pain while taking this cleanse, however this did not happen to me. I had a great level of energy, did sports, eat properly, but went to the toilet more than normally.
(BUT read the information sheet carefully before taking this cleanse)


I survived my 15 days cleanse and feel great in my body!

Wearing: white jeans from IVY Copenhagen and top from Fonnesbech



Julie and her cleansing


  1. 4. August 2016

    Hej Julie 🙂 skal i gang med det her i morgen aften så fedt du lige lavede et indlæg. Min veninde siger man ikke må drikke kaffe i mens? Er det rigtig nok?

    • 4. August 2016
      This Way

      Hej Sofie,
      Tak for din kommentar.
      Jeg kunne sagtens drikke kaffe. Jeg spiste normalt som jeg plejer det eneste man skal undgå er alkohol – ellers skal du holde dig til din normale spise og drikke rutine 🙂

      God fornøjelse med det!

  2. 19. August 2016


    Der står også i vejledningen at man skal undgå gluten og mælkeprodukter ? Gjorde du dette ?

    Mvh. Kim

    • 21. August 2016
      This Way

      Hej Kim,
      Tak for din kommentar. Under denne cleanse spiste jeg som jeg plejer. Dog er jeg lactose intolerant og holder mig væk fra alle mælkeprodukter, men jeg spiste gluten.
      God fornøjelse med det 🙂

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