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Meet the cool, healthy, and beautiful power woman Bianca Bangstrup who is the Director / COO at VITAVIVA VITAVIVA is an online vitamin store who sells vitamins for all needs and purposes. I met Bianca one year ago after I have been taking VITAVIVA vitamins and minerals, and got in touch with her because I wanted to hear more about the VITAVIVA universe. Bianca is a beautiful woman, mother to four boys, hard worker, and has a positive mind.
I want to share Bianca’s thoughts and approach to life, with the aim of inspiring you, the same way she inspires me.

  • Q: What is your currently project that you are working on

A: At VITAVIVA we are always working on a lot of new initiatives. At the moment we are extremely excited about our 5 new products for the VITAVIVACIOUS line, which will launch in the fall. Five products that are the perfect remedy after a long summer. We are also working on expanding our reach, with our main focus being on the Swedish and Dutch markets.


  • Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?

A: VITAVIVA was a project started by my parents, and 5 years ago I took over management of the company. Through the years I had been very involved in VITAVIVA and their ongoing projects due to my parents. Health has always been a fundamental building block in my life, and I have learnt how important it is to take care of yourself and your body. It was a continuous inspiration for me, so it felt like a natural step for me to take over the reigns of VITAVIVA.

  • Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?

A: My primary goal has and will always be to be the best mother possible to my 4 boys. That is my absolute priority. Other than that it has always been vital for me to choose a career path, which made sense on a greater level. What it was specifically didn’t matter as long as it had a greater purpose, and I felt like I was making a difference. I have gone down a lot of different paths but there is no doubt in my mind that I have ended up in the exact right spot for me at VITAVIVA.


  • Q: What inspires you in life?

A: Every day, I am inspired by the amazing doctors and health therapists, that VITAVIVA works with. They are a fountain of knowledge and I am able to learn something new on a daily basis. Knowledge is important to me, and therefore I have ensured that all of our employees and the therapists that we work with, receive an education in Orthomolecular Medicine by the accomplished Dr. Claus Hancke. Thus we obtain an extensive knowledge about vitamins, minerals, amino acids, their effect on the body and diseases, giving us the best foundation to help guide our customers.


  • Q: What motivates you?

A: I love my job and I love going to work every single day. That alone is extremely motivating and purposeful for me. I am very passionate about what I do and that is an important factor for me. Our customers and their feed-back is also a daily motivation and often it is that exact feedback, we keep in mind, when developing new products.


  • Q: How do you take care of your body?

A: Taking good care of myself and my body is a top priority. Since I work with health I know just how important it is to stay healthy and do your best to prevent diseases. I am very careful in regards to what I eat, at home and at the office, and I make sure that I always choose organic, when possible. We get organic cold-pressed juices delivered to the office everyday, and I make sure that my boys get the same. Taking supplements is of course a big part of how I stay healthy. I always make sure that my boyfriend and my boys get their daily dose and at the office we have a complete vitamin bar so that no need goes unfulfilled.

I run 2-3 times a week, do some core exercises and make sure to always get a good night’s rest. Mental bliss and wellness in general are important factors. I love soaking in a bathtub right before bedtime or going for a long walk in the forest. That is my favorite way of relaxing and freeing the mind.


  • Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence? 

A: When I indulge it is definitely with very dark chocolate and/or an organic glass of red wine. Being healthy is never about going to extremes. It is about balance and there should always be room for indulgence.


  • Q: What is your beauty secret/tip?

A: My best beauty tip is that beauty most definitely comes from the inside. It is always very obvious when you look at someone, whether they are healthy on the inside. A balanced mind and body will always glow on the outside. So the best beauty tip is to take care of your self, exercise on a regular basis, remember to hydrate and de-stress your mind. At the end of the day make sure that your body is able to regenerate with a good night’s sleep. I go to bed at 10 o’clock PM and always take my Sleep Formula from VITAVIVA. It makes me sleep like a baby.


  • Q: What is you next goal?

A: My goal is as always to spread awareness about health. It is surprising how little many know about their own body and how affected we are by our lifestyle and atmosphere. Today we have more lifestyle diseases than ever before and I am very ambitious about making a difference in that aspect. Moreover I would love to change the image of Supplements in general. Why should supplements only be associated with sickness and extreme health choices? My dream is that supplements become a natural and cool part of everyone’s daily life.



Get inspired with Bianca from VITAVIVA



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