French Polynesia Beach be like…

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I have spent 12 days in French Polynesia with very poor internet connection, which has been great for my mind but annoying for my control-freakiness I have. Therefore I have not been able to post anything about this amazing island I have been to but the good news is that they will be posted in the next weeks times.
I have spend almost all my time outside, enjoying the amazing flawless beach with the purest and most beautiful water I have ever seen!
I worked on my tan on both body, face, and feet. I did a glittery nail art pedicure before I travelled to French Polynesia and my CND nail products saved my feet during my vacation. IMG_8728

Glittery pedicure feet and CND Cuticle Eraser and CND oil IMG_8690

My kind of paradise 


Julie Pallesen

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