Happy feet


My August is full of adventures and traveling. I have just come back from a paradise trip to French Polynesia which has been beyond anything I could ever imagine. Everyday I wanted to raise my arms up in the air and do a little dance because that what literally how I felt; happy and grateful.
For two weeks only walking bare foot it is now time for an intense pedicure to make them ready for Burning Man festival. At Burning Man festival I will wear closed shoes at all times so the dust from the desert does not get in the shoes. Walking in the desert, biking, and exploring can be quite tuff. Last year I remember my legs, feet, and body being completely sore. Therefore I have prepared my body and especially feet for this trip with my CND pedicure set with a mud mask, cucumber creme I apply before going ti bed and white nails. IMG_3963

My CND pedicure setIMG_5852

Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit


Julie Pallesen

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