Master Degree Freedom

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I graduated the 4th of July from Copenhagen Business School and am now officially smart on paper with my Master Degree. The five years in university have flown by and now I do not have to attend any more classes or exams… I AM DONE!!!! My five years of university have been a long learning process for me in many ways. The fact about learning how to think differently, getting the bigger picture of theories and situations, and being critical are the broad tools that I have adopted. These tools are a way of thinking and handling different situations that I find myself in at all times. Project management, micro economic, communication models, information architecture, statistics, the good old “Porter’s Five Forces” and so on are fundamental business school courses and terms that I came across…. among many many more..
During my five years I have been traveling a lot (as you might have noticed). I was working in Barcelona, London, New York, and many other places while studying. I found my own way of how to study from abroad while during all my exams at the first attempt. Some semesters were harder than others and twice I felt the need of flying back to Copenhagen in order to attend the classes because the courses were too challenging for me to study from abroad.
I would argue that I have a strong self-discipline in order to be so determined on following the course while working abroad. I found my own way of studying and I do not regret that. I like to do all things in my own way… I mean “this way”!

Now, almost two months after graduating I still have not realised that I have a master degree. When I think about it and talk about it I feel proud inside… Because that is the feeling that I get when other people are saying that they have a master degree.
I worked hard in my own way to get where I am. Many people who do not know me, might say about me “she just travels all the time and is not serious” but you know what, I do not give a penny for that. I try to make things look easy, exotic and inspirational – but I work hard, I sit on my ass for many long nights to get things done, and the people who know me well, they know that.

So what I actually wanted to say is, that I am really proud of my master degree (and my father is even more proud) and now a new chapter is waiting ahead of me.

Above is my currently mood expressed…

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Master degree – check!

Let new exciting adventure be continued…


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Julie Pallesen

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