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I have now arrived to New York City after an overnight flight from Los Angeles. I had a four hour sleep on the flight wearing all the best “sleep-on-a-flight-equipment”. I was wearing a sleep mask, long warm flight socks, several blankets, chill music, and most important a dark scarf over my head, which makes everything even darker on the flight. I have got use to sleep on flights and I actually think I am doing quite well at it now. I position myself on my allocated seat, make myself the most comfortable as possible, and then I fall a sleep quite fast and wake up when the flight hits the ground of the new destination.

Now I am ready to attend and explore New York Fashion Week where I have a lot of exciting shows, events, and parties to attend to, so continue following.


Wearing: Samsoe Samsoe top, Wetfeather pants, Day Birger Mikkelsen shopper bag, and East Pak luggage. IMG_1095

New York Fashion Week is on!!



Julie Pallesen

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