French Polynesia dreaming


French Polynesia is one of the most underestimated places I have been. I decided to do an active take on this trip and did some sort of sports activities everyday; from yoga, to scuba diving to wake surfing. Especially wake surfing was an activity which I did a lot! I tried it for my first time and I got addicted to it. I love the fact that you could stand on a surf board behind a boat and surf on the wave for a long time. I have a video below where you can see how  focused I am on the board. I really enjoyed it and had fun with it but as soon at the camera was on, I really tried to be focused.

IMG_1103   IMG_8935  IMG_8885

[vidcore vid=”D7fafARz”]


Throwback to another day in French Polynesia paradise with wake surfing.



Julie Pallesen

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