September Skin Essentials


This month my beauty routine is all about moist to my skin. I a traveling more than usual and my skin reacts to this. The dry air in the flights that does not allow the skin to breathe combines with being in different climates can make my skin rash out. Therefore I am extra careful remembering to have a rosewater spray with me that I can spray on my face and hair while sitting in the flights, taxi’s – basically whenever you have a minute where you are sitting still and is about to take out your phone from the bag then you also spray with the rosewater mist. Also, the rosewater keeps the make-up to long laster so it is multi-purpose product. I use a rosewater from Jurlique which a beautiful pink bottle which I also love the design of.

Another beauty moist product is an efficient moist mask. I use a moist mask every week but in this hectic travelling period I use it twice a week. I use Jurlique’s antioxidant gel mask, which is very easy and smooth to apply. I always use masks in the evening and after applying it I spent the ten minutes waiting until the mask is ready to rinse of again with fixing my nails and brushing my teeth.

Furthermore, I use an eye serum to decrease the fact that my eyes are sometimes really tired because of lack of sleep and the traveling. Eye serum gives a glow to the areas around my eyes and keeps the skin firm. I use Jurlique’s eye serum which is very soft in the texture and very rich, which means you do not need to apply more than a few drops.


Jurlique Rosewater Mist Click here


Jurlique moist mask – Antioxidant Gel Mask Click here


Jurlique eye serum Click here


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