The Taxa struggle is over


We all know the situation where we are struggling to get a taxi to our next destination?! Either I am on my way out of a restaurant, friend, club, or I am in my house rushing to get out and then it happens…. No empty taxis driving by, which means I have to wait. Sometimes I wait for less than 10 minutes and other times I get too stubborn and do not wan to consider another transportation so I just wait for long time. Well well, the struggle is over. I am a huge fan of the Uber app, which you might already know. I use it in almost all the cities I am traveling to. It is very easy – the only thing you have to do is to download the Uber app on App store or sign up on here and create an account. When you sign up use the promotion code: THISWAY
the code will allow you for a first free ride worth 100DKK

When you are using Uber remember to have wifi or you have to use data roaming in order to make the app work.  In the Uber app you can choose which car you want to be picked up in. Then you order the Uber car to your location and you will get a message when the Uber driver has arrived so you do not have to wait outside, which is very practical in the winter months coming up. You can easily track where your driver is before arrival and once you are in the Uber you can keep track on the route to your destination.
Now you are prepared for another transportation to make your day more smooth.


Me in an Uber in New York on my way to a meeting. 



Julie Pallesen

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