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I am proud to announce that I am a part of a new cool Danish blogger network, called Society-B.  I have always been against being a part of a blogger network because I did not want to be associated with others. I know it can sound a bit selfish or arrogant but it is really not meant that way. I think bloggers are independant in the way that they have their own site, their own universe, and shall therefore not be associated or linked to other bloggers. If I get traffic to my blog because you were actually looking on another bloggers site and then “only” because I was in the networking bar on top of the site, first then will you go into my blog. I think that is not strong enough. If users really like my blog and to follow me, I believe you will remember to come by my blog and visit me…… but but but.. my opinion has changed, like you can see. I have been presented to this blogger network in the spring and after our first meeting I thought about it for a while and I came back with some questions and concerns. However, I decided to give this a change and I really think the other bloggers at Society B are cool and have their own personal twist.

Above is my promo video which is made by Thorbørjn Liljegren and music by Elias Segujja. How do you like it? Honestly??



Julie Pallesen


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