My food Cravings


Let’s make it clear.. Yes I am a model, yes I am skinny, yes I promot myself on social medias like my blog and Instagram but that does not mean I do not occasionally eat unhealthy and have cravings. I get a lot of people coming up to me and ask me “Oh, you look so fit and healthy you probably only eat salads all day?”, or “What is your diet?”, “Do you ever eat junk food or candy?” etc. etc.
I want to answer all these questions together with my cravings because I think it makes quite a lot of sense to combine them.
First of all, I do not only eat salads. Second of all, I stay away from junk food. I honestly do not find it attractive and tempting for my body to eat junk food so McDonalds, Burger Kind, KFC are no go in my world and I cannot even remember the last time I have eaten it.
My diet is not a “diet” I have a healthy eating habits where I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and fish. Also I eat bread, quinoa, and other carbs but I am not a heavy carb-person because I feel my stomach gets very swollen and I feel uncomfortable in my own body. Also I like food with a lot of taste which I find in fish and meat instead of pasta, rice and potatoes.
I eat 3 times a day but I do not eat a heavy breakfast. I like to start my day with lots of fruit, coffee and eggs. Other days I make an acai bowl (recipe here) for breakfast. For lunch and dinner I usually eat vegetables with fish or meat. There is so many different ways to combine vegetables with meat/fish so I never find it boring. Thai food is a great example of how to make the vegetables delicious and tasty with a curry and coconut milk or oyster sauce. Also, I love mexican food which I eat with corn-tacos, which is very tasty. Overall, I love spicy food and I always ask for a tabasco sauce if I do not find the food too spicy. I even put tabasco on my eggs and on a tuna tatar.
Another thing is, that I am a huge “snacker” – I do not know if this is even a word but you get the point. I always have snacks on me like nuts, dried fruit, raw bar, carrots, dark chocolate. I eat snacks all the time. My schedule vary very much and it can be hard for me to plan my days and meals so instead of me having craving because I have not eaten for 10 hours and then I eat the first thing coming my way then I am always prepared for these situations and have snacks with me. Also when I travel I always have a bag full of snacks so I do not have to rely on flight meals. Another thing is chocolate. I eat chocolate everyday, and yes, I mean everyday! I am a sucker for chocolate and I eat the dark kind. Chocolate is such a satisfaction for me to eat and I almost finish my evenings with some chocolate. I might also eat some chocolate with my coffee or tea in the afternoon.

This is like my raw guideling for how I eat but it varies a bit from where I am in the world. If I am in Italy I eat pasta every day but let’s be real, the pasta is a whole other level in Italy!.

So here is my list of my cravings:

  • 1. Coffee – I drink about 2-3 coffees a day. I start my day with an espresso and that is the best coffee of the day. A morning without my espresso is not a good day.
  • 2. Chocolate – dark chocolate is a must for me, everyday.
  • 3. Tabasco – I need Tabasco in my life and put it on my eggs, tuna tatar, salads, fish… basically everything that comes my way and has no taste.
  • 4. Chili/Spicy food – is an extension of my Tabasco craving. I love spicy food and if I cook myself I always makes it spicy. When I went to Marrakech or other exotic destinations I always buy spices with me.
  • 5. Snacks like nuts, dried fruit – like I said, I am a “snacker” and always carry some nuts or dried fruits with me.
  • 6.Biscuits – the crunchier the better. A good cereal biscuit is top. I can eat the whole package if nobody takes it away from me, which is almost never because I usually eat it in the evening when I am alone blogging or watching a movie.
  • 7. Cake –  chocolate fondant, brownie, and strawberry tart is on my top top list! If there is a chocolate fondant on the menu it is really hard for me not to order it. If I will treat myself with a nice desert when I am out on a restaurant or café I will always choose the chocolate fondant, brownie, or strawberry tart. Also, my mother makes amazing cakes so I am always happy to come by her because she knows that my brother and I are addicted to her chocolate cake so she makes us one when she thinks we deserve it.

Now you know about how I eat and what I crave. So if you meet me you are welcome to ask me what snacks I can offer you 🙂


Have a lovely day!

xx from Barcelona

Julie Pallesen


  1. 18. October 2016

    Jeg elskede at læse dette indlæg, Julie. Du er sindssygt inspirerende (Y)

    • 19. October 2016
      This Way

      Hvor dejligt at høre Sille 🙂
      Mange tak!

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