Strobing – learn this highlight beauty method

maybellineStrobing is a new beauty method you must know.

It is a very easy-to-do beauty methods and it does not take hours to apply correctly like a wet eyeliner.

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Strobing? Let me briefly explain what strobing is. Strobing is beauty technique which focused exclusively to highlight the parts of your face where you want some glow. So if you want to achieve a glowy, late-summer look, strobing will be your best friend. Nobody wants a super matte or dry skin, which is something we have to work on not get with the winter season coming up. We want to keep our summer glow and strobing is our beauty safer for this! Above I am holding my two Maybelline strobing sticks – one in a more pinky color and the other one in a bronzer tone.

Strobing makes your complexion look radiant, fresh, and healthy.

I do not know if you are familiar with contouring but basically, strobing is an all-natural contouring.  Strobing is not about using shades that are two shades darker or lighter to get your features in your face to pop out. However strobing is about highlighting beautiful features in the face with a glowy effect. So do not give up on strobing before trying it. Strobing is much easier to use than normal contouring. Check out the Maybelline tutorial here for strobing which I was carefully watching before my first strobing-try.

How to use: You can use it on your forehead, down your nose, tops of your cheekbones, just above your lips, and your chin. It is very easy to use and you cannot really go wrong.

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Step one: the strobing stick is applied on the features that I wish to have highlighted.

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Step two: Using my fingers to smoothen the strobing stick -and voilà, highlight on my cheekbones, forehead, and nose.

I like a natural beauty look but with shine and glow.

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Above is my to do video on how I use my fingers to create the highlight effect.

You apply strobing as the last step in your beauty routine. Meaning, after applying foundation or powder (of you use this) and blush, then you put on the strobing stick to give some highlight definition to your face. I like to use my fingers when I apply the strobing stick – so when I use my Maybelline strobing stick I put some on my fingertips and then on my face. I like to use my fingertips because I think that the highlight effect gets more even, but maybe I can practise this and be more advance in the future and then use the stick directly. But for now, I find it very easy to apply the strobing stick to give some shiny highlight, in particular on my cheekbones. I use the strobing stick almost everyday to give a more daylight-friendly look and and for the darkness I apply a generous amount of the product to exaggerate the highlight effect even more.

Maybelline have asked me to be a part of their strobing-campaign, which was ideal because I was already a fan of the strobing-highlight-trend. I like to use strobing sticks from Maybelline because I like their colours and find them very easy to use. I like the creamy texture of it, which makes it super easy to use.



These illuminating highlighters are all you need and you generous amount of it.


Go Strobing 


Julie Pallesen

—This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Maybelline—

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