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Since i graduated this summer from Copenhagen Business School I have been fulltime modeling and blogging. It is a great combination of the two because I use my modeling to travel and work and then I take the blogging with me – I write about all the amazing things I see and get to experience on my way.

I have been between London, Copenhagen, and Berlin for the past weeks because of that is where the modeling jobs have taken me. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep track on where I am going next because everything can change last minute… BUT I love my job and I know I am very privileged to live this life and I often remind myself.

The life at the modelling jobs are very often in a bathrobe, which is what I am wearing on the picture above and below. When wearing the bathrobe it is easy to get in a new outfit and it does not leave any marks on the body, like jeans or socks do.

img_0043 img_0044 img_1660

Burberry dress

[vidcore vid=”EHLC92tL”]

Current mood at Burberry when working there  – I always get so excited about the beautiful collection and I feel so grateful and honoured when wearing it.


img_0091 img_0092

Wearing: fur from Meotine, jeans from Asos, and sneakers from reebok made in collaboration with Colette store in Paris.

See you soon!



Julie Pallesen

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