Signed with New York Agency


I am super happy to announce that I have signed with a modeling agency in New York. This is like a big dream coming true! I went to New York during Fashion Week in September to cover some fashion shows and events with my blog and then I had one spare day where I went to visit some agencies. To me, it is not just about signing a contract with an agency, for then to be able to say or brag that you have agencies all over the world – it is about the relationship you have with the people at the agency. If I have a good relationship with my booker and the people at the agency I believe it will benefit in many different ways, for both the agency, clients, and model. For example, if my booker knows me he/she can find the most suitable jobs for me and also try so send me out to the markets that I can work well in. Very few, if any models work well in all markets/countries. Therefore you need to find the right markets for you at that time of your career. I have been working in markets like Paris, South Korea, Spain, Germany, and UK. I have always had the goal of modelign in NYC but I always wanted to be “ready” and now I feel strong than ever and ready to try the highly competitive New York City market.
I have signed with Q Model Management in NYC and I had a strong and positive feeling in my stomach when visiting and being in touch with them. I am super excited about going to New York and try the modeling there – I know it is tuff but I am ready to try it.

Below are some of my modeling pictures through the years. img_0141 img_0083 img_0090 img_0077 img_0061 img_4448 img_8907

I am ready for you, NYC!



Julie Pallesen

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