Smile like Julia Roberts with Pop Smile

jrobsThere is no doubt that Julia Roberts has the biggest and prettiest smile. I have been a huge fan of Julia Roberts since I was in 4th Grade. I even had to write an essay in 5th Grade about my hero and Julia Roberts got my prestigious headline. I think she is very unique and nobody can be compared with her – her way if acting in all different kinds of movies… and her smile and laugh of course is just beyond.

I am not saying that I want to be like her but I am admired by her and she inspired me. And yes, I would love to have as white teeth as she has, which is luckily something I can easily do something about.


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For the next 9 days I will try the whitening kit from PopSmile.comI will write a post when finishing my 9-days treatment.

Let’s see if I can get a Julia Roberts smile.



Julie Pallesen


  1. 10. December 2016

    Hvordan virkede PopSmile? Fik du et ønskeligt resultat? 😉😁

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