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I have to be honest, and yes, chocolate is my biggest craving.  There is something special about chocolate! It just tastes amazing and you can get it in all different kinds of flavours – everything from maca/vanilla to goji/walnut. When I treat myself with something nice, I give myself chocolate. I actually allow myself chocolate every day. But I eat the dark chocolate, raw It is my own kind of reward I like to explore the chocolate market overtime I travel. I go to different supermarkets, organic shops, and small cafés and see what they have to offer.
One of my favourite chocolate brands is Lovechock from Amsterdam. Lovechock is organic raw chocolate made by raw cacao from Ecuador. The difference between raw chocolate and “normal” chocolate as you know it, is that the cacao beans are not roasted but cold grounded. All the chocolate from Lovechock is hand-made and contains no milk, soy, or gluten. Lovechock chocolate is only sweetened with coconut blossom nectar.

Even though chocolate is an indulgence there is still great benefits when stuffing it in your mouth. Cacao is one of the best-known superfoods and is a natural source of beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (such as flavonoids), amino acids, phyto-nutrients, etc. Therefore you shall not feel bad when eating the good quality chocolate your body loves it.

Below are some images of my favourite products by Lovechock, which you can click here where to buy 

93-lovechock-tablets-en lovechock_mulberry-vanilla lovechock_goji-orange lovechock-rocks-indi-mullberry

I am a huge chocolate addict like you might have read in my post about cravings (link here)

Lovechock – happiness inside


Julie and her chocolate

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