Fulltime modeling and blogging

· Working-girl
Since i graduated this summer from Copenhagen Business School I have been fulltime modeling and blogging. It is a great combination of the two because I use my modeling to travel and work and then I take the blogging with ...read more

Autumn Knitwear selection

· Boutique
Hello Monday!! Let’s be honest, weather is super cold and I am not the biggest fan of the cold. Therefore I try to make the cold weather a function, or a thing in my life, which I can make to ...read more

sexy non-cellulite legs

· Beauty Essentials
Don’t we all want smooth and sexy legs?! It is given, I mean, I apply body lotion or oil on my skin to make my skin super soft. Since I write about beauty I find it very important to be ...read more

NYC Coffee spots

· City Guide · Map
I have been exploring New York 3 times this year for fashion week and modeling purposes. Furthermore I have had time to explore the coffee market in the big city. You know how addicted I am to coffee and enjoy ...read more