Eat your breakfast

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Let’s focus on breakfast for once… and I want to make this clear, I am not a food blog but I am a lifestyle blog, so everything in relation to healthy inspirational living – that’s This Way.

When I was younger and up until about two years ago, I was not a breakfast-kind-of-person. I did not give the time and energy to wake up earlier in order to have time to make and enjoy my breakfast. I just grabbed some fruit and a coffee and then I ate early lunch. However this has changed. Now I enjoy making a nutritious and colorful breakfast. I have made it a habit for me to look forward to my breakfast and really enjoying it. So if you are the type who does not make or eat breakfast in the morning maybe I can get your on my track…

– What I did?

I bought the “good stuff” ingredients. If you do not have the ingredients then that is a great excuse to not bother about it.. I bought basic ingredients as: eggs, some seasonal vegetables, some seasonal fruits (also frozen), acai powder (from acai acai), milk (whatever you prefer, I vary between almond, hazelnut, and soy), different nuts, goji berries, coconut flour and flakes, and cinnamon. When you have all these ingredients you can make many different types of breakfast, which is important (at least to me) so I do not get bored of eating the same dish every day.

Here are my 3 favorite breakfasts:

  • Acai Bowl: super easy and delicious breakfast. Apply the basics first: acai powder (from Acai Acai), 1 banana, half cup milk, teaspoon cinnamon – and then you can add whatever you feel like: spinach leaves, frozen mango/berries – blend everything and put in a bowl. Add toppings according to your mood: nuts, gojiberries, coconut flakes, coconut flour, fresh fruit. (As seen on the picture below)
  • Egg and veggie: either I make an omelet, scrambled eggs, or hard boiled eggs. Then I add veggies in the omelet or as a side. You can also add a piece of bread and make avocado on toast or simply put the omelet/boiled egg/scrambled egg on the toast…. and do not forget the tabasco, I apply tabasco on almost everything (not acai bowl though)
  • Banana pancakes: super easy and tasty! mash one banana and add one egg and mix it together. Also, I add a little bit of cinnamon. Then pan the pancake in coconut oil in low heat. Voila – you have your banana pancake. If you like to make it more advanced you can add some milk, flour, coconut flour, chia seeds, or whatever you feel like to spice it up.

These breakfast keeps your tummy full in a not-bloated way. You start your day feeling satisfied and energized.

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Do not be lazy, eat your breakfast.




  1. 25. December 2016

    Skriv gerne om flere sundhedstips!! Jeg er vild med dette indlæg :))

    • 28. December 2016
      This Way

      dejligt at høre. det kommer der helt sikkert 🙂

      God dag.

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