Dreamy Tropical Destinations


I AM FLYING… Literally. These pictures are from my trip to French Polynesia in August, which was absolutely a paradise vacation. And soon I will be back in another kind of paradise…
Let’s put it like this, I say to all my friends after they tell me that they are staying somewhere in Europe in January – “Take a good look at these pictures and remember them and bring them back to your memory every day in January because this is where I will be while you are getting more grey”. I am just kidding. I would never say anything like that (or would I). The truth is, that I am currently enjoying the Christmas and Chanukah holiday but as soon as the season is over then my body needs to see the sun. I do not like to stay in Europe in January because everything is too grey and cold. So this year, which is the first year in five years where I do not have an exam which I have to be back at Copenhagen Business School to attend, then I have decided to take the whole month of January off, which will be spent in tropical environments. I will be traveling to the Caribbean and discovering several islands and then end up at one of my favourite places, St. Barth, where I will spent ten days. I cannot wait. DSC00110 IMG_8691 IMG_8529 IMG_8943 IMG_8677

Do you feel the sun through your computer/mobile screen?



Julie Pallesen


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