My mineral make-up favorites


One way to protect the skin is by not using too much make-up. Every time you apply some make-up you cover your skin and then your skin cannot breathe. Therefore I use as much mineral make-up as I can. However when I am on photoshoots I cannot decide what beauty products the make-up artist want to use. But when I am off modeling work I try to use as little make-up as possible to let my skin breathe. A lot of my skincare and beauty products are organic and I can see the difference; I do not get as many small pimples, my skin is softer, less irritated, and the best part is that I feel I need less make-up because the small things make a difference whereas if you are used to wearing a lot of make-up (which I once was) then it becomes a habit. So after a vacation or a weekend where not wearing so much make-up, then try to keep it like that.. and just applying good quality of organic make-up. I use brands like: Tromborg, Raaw in a jar, RMS Beauty, and Kjær Weis.

Below are pictures from my bathroom with some of my favourite skincare and beauty products so you can get inspired and hopefully transform into a mineral make-up girl like me – trust me, you will thank me later 🙂

I use blush for both cheeks but also for the eyes. I like to mix and match and I do not apply only one for the “face-code”. I believe it makes a more interesting make-up look when you mix. But I always use highlighter for my cheekbones, which I also apply on my eyes for fancy evenings. So below, you will find a lot of different blushes but now you know why.


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