How to stay in shape while you are on vacation


Staying in shape while being on vacation

I know many people would argue that when you are on vacation you do not need to work out. You are off all kinds of obligations and you can feel good about not doing shit. 

However, I am a sports addict (believe it or not) and I enjoy working out because then I feel good and satisfied with myself. I work out 3-4 times a week and if I workout less I am not the nicest person to be around. It sounds quite serious but it’s not – I can do a 30 min. Cardio workout and then I feel amazing afterwards. And 30 min. Is not a long time… let’s be honest, the 30 min. Can be taken from the many hours of laying in the pool. Make it a habit to work out before lunch, never straight after, that won’t be nice. 

Or if you are not into the gym kind of thing, do some water sports or take your friend or boyfriend to the tennis court and have fun. Working out doesn’t have to be annoying and repetitive – explore and try new things. 

The past five days I have been surfing two of the days in the morning, played tennis once, and this morning I did a 30 min. Cardio workout followed by a 15 min. Yoga stretch. 

My cardio was 15 min. Interval run on the treadmill and then a circuit training with 5 stations and I did 4 rounds. Voila! Done! And then stretch out. 

We can always find excuses why NOT to do the workout but don’t think just do it and your body will appreciate it afterwards. And ask yourself, have your ever regret working out? 

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If you want tips to training or my training programs. Let me know. I will happily share and write more about it. 




  1. 23. January 2017

    Nice post. I Would totally like more training posts

    • 23. January 2017
      This Way

      Cool. I will do more posts regarding my training 🙂

      All the best,

  2. 23. January 2017

    please share your workout programs! 🙂

    • 23. January 2017
      This Way

      Thank you for your comment. I sure will in the near future.

      All the best,

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