Coolest fashionable sports brands on the market

img_9962  img_1504Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThroughout the past couple of years there have been an increase of fashionable sports brands. It has become a trend to wear sport clothes during working hours. And on Sunday it is like the correct “uniform”, because who doesn’t want to be associated as a healthy sports chic?! 

Well, I do! And I believe many other girls and women er with me. 

I have explored the market for fashionable sports clothes. The classics, like Nike and Adidas are still the biggest brands in the market but I have seen a lot of cool niche brands. 

Some brands are more focused on certain sports genre, and I really like that. Then you can dig in the big ocean of smart sports brands and create your personalized sportsoutfit instead of every single one is wearing the same…. (how boring). 

Listed below are my favorite brands:

Adidas and Adidas Stella McCartney: 


Adidas makes amazing sports gear. I think the Adidas trainers are the best, with no doubt! Furthermore I love the collection by Stella McCartney x Adidas, it is super cool and fashionable. bb93e965-babb-4353-a5e1-8f68c3b0ca5d

Me in Adidas outfit

img_2386Have the best training shoes. I use the model, Adidas Ultra Boost for long runs or outdoor run, and the model Pure Boost X for short run and sprints on the treadmill. 

Run and Relax: 


Run & Relax is a cool brand founded by the lovely Norwegian Vibeke Klementsen, Specifies in yoga clothes and makes amazingly soft yoga gear. 

Yo Wear:


YO Wear is another fashionable sports brand established by the Dane, Malene Arvin. Yo Wear is super soft and has a fresh look. 

[vidcore vid=”njdyghvH”]

Me trying to box a little bit…

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

In my YOWear sports bra ready to do some weightsimg_0982

Tights and bra by YO Wear

[vidcore vid=”OifGyXJm”]


Adidas surf outfitimg_2787

Get fashionable and chic while being sporty


Julie Pallesen

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