Goodbye Copenhagen…


I am a bit of a globetrotter, as you might have noticed. I enjoy the traveling and get all my inspiration when meeting people, exploring cultures, working in different environments, and so on.. I have spent 10 days in Copenhagen, where I attended Copenhagen Fashion Week, had meetings with different brands about collaborations, organised my last items from my apartment in Copenhagen, as I am saying goodbye to my flat in Copenhagen. I had my interview at the American Embassy in Copenhagen regarding my visa to the US, which I just received today. So a lot of things needed to be done in Copenhagen while also spending time with my family, friends, and my love partner.
My next step is to explore Amsterdam, which I have never been to before. I am excited about spending time with a close friend and enjoying some time here and in Rotterdam. On Sunday, my journey will fly me to Berlin, where I will be attending Berlin Film Festival, also with a close friend. During my exploration of both Berlin and Amsterdam, I can gather content for some city guides, which I love doing and find them useful – even to myself, as I always look at them when I go back to a city I have been to before.
I will spend two days in Berlin and then I will fly to London, where I have some modeling work and also London Fashion Week coming up, where I will attend some shows and events.
After some time in London, I will take the big step and travel to New York and try my luck (hopefully) in the modeling industry. I have just got a 3 years visa and I cannot wait to spend more time in New York.

Time to fly…



Julie Pallesen

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