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It is almost Valentine’s Day (yes, on Tuesday the 14th February) if you haven’t noticed. And I find people having a lot of different opinions about this particular day. Either you are like: “ohh, I do not care about celebration that stupid day, it is so exaggerated” or you are like “I cannot wait to get red roses and drink champagne with my love”!! I do not find any people in between, because either you WANT to celebrate the day of love or you DO NOT want to celebrate it.
And me, I want to celebrate everything that I believe is worth celebrating, and of course Love is one of them.
When I mean “celebrate” it do not need to be with an expensive, over-the-top, bathtub with flowers, but simply just something that you find special.

I have made plans with my boyfriend to have a romantic dinner alone. He wanted to bring a bunch of other friends, but I insisted (in my own charming way) that the evening should only consist of the two of us. I will wear red sexy underwear, we will drink champagne, have a lovely dinner with great conversations and lots of kisses…. To me, that is Valentine’s Day.


I love the lingerie shop Les Reves, who sell beautiful lingerie from several lingerie brands.  I have made a selection of my favourite Valentine’s lingerie.



Love Storie at Les Reves


Love Stories “Roomservice” pantie at Les Reves


Sexy Floral Bra from Perilla at Les Reves


Matching lace black panties from Perilla at Les Reves


Sexy Satin bra from Anine Bing at Les Reves


Matching red satin panties from Anine Bing at Les Reves


Lace Bra from Anine Bring, Les Reves


Sexy black thong from Cosabella at Les Reves

Treat yourself with some sexy lingerie for Valentine… 


Julie Pallesen


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