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My next inspirational woman, that I want to put focus on is the Danish actress Julie Grundtvig Wester. You might already know Julie from Danish movies like “Tempelridderens Skat”,” Se Min Kjole”, and much more, as well as the TV serie “Heartless”. Here is her link to her IMBd.

Julie G. Wester is a grounded, cool, and admirable woman! I met Julie last year when watching our common friend, the actress Julie Zangenberg in Hairspray musical in Copenhagen. (Yes, that makes us 3 Julie’s, which is quite weird when we are introducing us to people).

Julie G. Wester is a hard working girl who started her actress career from a young age and she is still pursuing her dream.  Furthermore, this girl graduated her bachelor degree in branding, design and business, which – in my eyes- makes her stand as a both create and academic knowledgeable person.
One more notice worthy and inspirational factor about Julie, is, that she is an amazing vegan chef. I stalk her on Instagram to get inspiration – her skills are next level.

Below are some questions regarding her actress career, her inspiration and motivation in life:
 Q: What is your currently project that you are working on?
Currently I am working hard on finishing my bachelor’s degree in the field of branding, 
design and business. This summer I finished filming the 2. season of the Danish tv series 
“Follow The Money” – A project I’ve been working on for almost three years. After that it 
seemed natural to focus solely on my studies for the first time ever.
• Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
 First and foremost I am an actress. But I have also studied entrepreneurship, design and business and hold a Bachelor’s degree in branding at the beginning of 2017. School just happened as I love studying and is interested in almost everything – No great masterplan behind the academic endeavours, one thing just took the other. As for acting, I started taking theatre classes at the age of 10 – It was an after school activity place, but with masks, props and little plays set up by the children with the help of our talented and eccentric teachers. I loved it – We would play and be silly and let the imagination flow together with grown-ups. One day students from The National Film School of Denmark came by and did an open casting that we all went to, and they gave me the lead role in their graduation film and from then on I was hooked – I remember filming while lying on the cold concrete floor of an abandoned factory, freezing for 4+ hours, at the age of 11, and thinking “I could go through this every day, if I just get to do this”. I loved the passion of the people working around me and I loved being given responsibility. After that I wanted to do more films and acting, so I looked for castings in the news papers and within seven months I got the leading role in what become a series very popular danish children’s movies. It just went on after that, and I am lucky to still be acting while studying and working on other projects. 
• Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
 I’ve never set actual goals, but I am very conscious of the power of imagination – Where do you want to be, what you want to achieve and what you see yourself doing – And then working your ass off to get there. I write lists to remember the things I need to do and the things I want to do and all the ideas I get. These lists are crucial for me to navigate in all the different arenas I am part of: School, work with branding, acting and me and my fathers little design company. In periods where I question myself and my sporadic choices a lot, I keep telling myself, that as long as I wake up early everyday and work as hard as I can – whatever that be with – and also remember to be positive and gentle to others while doing so, then I am not wasting my time.
• Q: What inspires you in life?
People and their stories, culture, art, design, colours, patterns, places, nature and the 
differences of the world inspires me. I love travelling and have been raised by my 
parents to travel always: Whether it was skiing in the French Apls or in Northern Norway, 
moving to India for a period while me and my brother could still leave school, staying in 
the same house on a mountain in Italy every summer, or travelling through Mexico og 
Thailand with backpacks. We’ve seen so many places, and I owe my parents everything 
for taking us all these places. I believe these travels are what sparked my general curiosity 
of the world, which is what makes me want to wake up everyday and explore more. I am 
always looking forward to my next travel destination! 
• Q: What motivates you?
What motivates me most is being able to do nice things to and for the people around me. It might sound 
rather cliché, but I never dream about money. I certainly dream about things money can bring me, but it 
always involve other people. I would love to be able to buy a house in Italy for my parents, make sure my 
brother is happy and can do whatever he wants and not worry about anything, giving all my friends the best 
of food and experiences always all the while building a beautiful home for my future family while still being 
able to travel with my wonderful boyfriend. So, travelling, food and experiences with the people I love 
motivates me to work hard and be good at what I decide to do.
• Q: How do you take care of your body?
When it comes to my body I try to have a holistic approach. For me, eating organic food, getting all your vitamins and working out regularly does not go hand in hand with occasional binge eating and so-called cheat days. Of course there has to be a balance, and as a food lover I do also eat chocolate, cake and candy. I just don’t like the term ‘cheat day’ as I think it is misguiding and promotes an unhealthy relation with food: If you want to eat a burger, eat it. If you work out and treat your body with respect, you do not have to call eating a burger “cheating”. And if you cook it yourself, with good and wholesome ingredients, you can eat one as often as you want!
Preaching aside, here comes my food and work out habits: I personally eat 100% vegetarian – almost vegan, except for a few splashes of milk in my coffee sometimes and some parmeggiano cheese when eating Italian. I love cooking and do so every day. I try to avoid added sugar (not naturally occurring sugars like in fruit, dates, figs etc) and I drink a lot of water and tea (stay hydrated!). I do boxing 2-3 times a week when in Copenhagen, I run and I go the the gym as well. I love TRX training, which is practical when travelling. My boyfriend is my best work out buddy and he helps me stay motivated to work out while travelling too. He travels a lot with his job, so he is used to keeping a steady work out rutine no matter if he is at a five star hotel gym, a tour bus or in and out of airports for days. 
I am one of those annoying types, who actually really do like to work out. Working out is my personal space where I can let all my thoughts aside: It forces me to be present in my body and not in my mind: Something us modern, civilised and busy people tend to forget. It’s kind of a ‘back-to-basics’ thought, but I think more people need to go to this rather primitive state more often!
• Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence? 
Sweet liquorice is my absolute favourite thing in the world, no doubt.
•Q:  What is your beauty secret/tip?
When it comes to your skin, try to do as little as possible: Wash it with warm water – Not strong cleansers
and toners. Find a mild and natural perfume-, oil- , alcohol- and additive-free cream to stay moisturised. Dry 
out pimples and impurities with homemade salt water – Not some poisonous quick-fix scam treatment. 
Finally, eat healthy. It is certainly true when they say beauty comes from within: Your skin and body is a 
reflection of what you eat and how your treat yourself. So give yourself and your body the love it deserves 
every day through good and healthy choices. change your mindset: Adapting a healthy lifestyle is really not 
that hard if you think of these choices as a gift you give yourself instead of something your “need to do” to 
achieve a specific goal.
• Q: What is you next goal?
2017 is my year of contemplation. After studying, acting and working with branding at the same time for 
several years, it is time to focus on only a few things at a time, and take the time to go in dept with them. 
My next goal is, so to say, to let go of my “200 miles per hour pace” and focus. Focus meaning doing things 
thoroughly, whatever they be: It could be filming a film while not working with something else on the side, but 
it could also be reading the Elena Ferrante trilogy or watching all Wes Andersons movies chronologically. Ah, 
it sounds good already, right?



Follow Julie Grundtvig Wester on Instagram (link here) and follow her actress journey as well as her instastory where you get yummy inspiration for vegan food.


Get inspired by Julie G. Wester like I do!



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