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I am a true beauty lover because I care for my skin and my look. I look into all different brands and try them but then I only stick with the best. At the moment I have a lot of beauty products from the American beauty brand, RMS Beauty which is available at River and Raven. I use their creamy products which are very easy to use and then you can decide yourself how much you want to apply. I use RMS Beauty creme blush to create highlight and shine for both my cheeks, nose, above -and below my eyes. The RMS Beauty Master Mixer and the RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer are my two favourite. I use them everyday and for the evenings I apply a lot of the “Buriti Bronze”r to give some darker shades and depth for the eyes.
Furthermore, when I take off and rinse my face after a long day wearing RMS Beauty, my skin feels and looks great. This make-up allows your face to breathe as it is organic, smooth, and not thick. Think about all those long nights you have had with a bunch of make-up on, and when you get home and rinse it off your skin looks like it really need a break. But with RMS Beauty your skin can breathe and you do not need to “repair” or “fix” your skin afterwards.


RMS Beauty from River and Raven: 

Go organic with RMS Beauty and River and Raven



Julie Pallesen

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