Back in the big city

d334ca2b-b5d3-4e7c-ba66-b9c47cd6f052So, I am finally back in the city. I have got my working visa and I am super excited to be here for work reasons. I am here with a completely new and fresh mindset, which means that you see and explore a city differently if you know you are staying for longer than just a week. I will be based here for the next two and a half month. However I will fly back to Europe for 10 days for some work but besides that I will be in New York.

I have rented an apartment in lower east side to start out with. Though I am still on the hunt for an apartment to live but it is hard to find the right thing… or maybe that is just because I have not come across the perfect apartment yet?!

My life in New York will be focused on the modeling but also working on cool projects with my blog during the time that I do not have castings or jobs.
Also, I am keen to try out new sport clubs, I have already looked into different styles of sport that I am excited to try out. And I will do posts about the best ones so you can try them too when you are in New York.

Furthermore, I have some cool friends in New York, whom I have meet elsewhere in the world. So it is pretty cool that I already have some friends to hang out with here, whenever my boyfriend, family, or friends from London or Copenhagen visits me here. Actually, I also enjoy spending time on my own – then I get to think deeper and work harder. I believe the balance is to both be able to enjoy time on your own but also enjoying time with friends.

I am off to my first casting today – wish me good luck!

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Currently looking smiling like this…53901e92-9dae-4abf-b390-6d0ec319c08c

New York, are you ready for me?!


Julie Pallesen in the Big Apple

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