Where to Sweat in NYC

· City Guide · Map · Sporty Spice
I have discovered several workout places in New York City because I wanted to be inspired by the way New York studios creativity and amazing teachers. I work out approximately 4 times a week and I like to sweat and ...read more

Black Blazer Gallery

· Boutique · Sexy Saturday
One of my basics in my wardrobe is a blazer. Besides my blazer I have a leather jacket, a denim jacket, and a bomber jacket. They are all equally important to me as it partly determines your dresscode mood. My favourite ...read more

Night Beauty with Cattier

· Beauty Essentials
Do you always remember to remove your make-up after a long night out? Or do you even clean your face on a Monday evening before jumping into bed? One thing (among many things) I have been taught by my dear mother ...read more

Packing for St. Barth

· World Traveller
When you are on holiday and need to change your city-closet to a summer-boho-beach-deluxe wardrobe you have to think basics. You kind of see yourself in these long floral printed dresses with a big hat and huge sunglasses that covers ...read more

Ibiza City Guide for Chri Chri

· City Guide
I have done a city guide to Ibiza, a hippie-chic-boho-music island in the Danish Magazine, ChriChri.  I have been to Ibiza the past 7 summers and I enjoy it very much. I love the combination of good fresh food, the beaches, ...read more

About me – Keep Smiling

· life
    I have updated my about page and wanted to share some of it. So if case you are new to my blog or is a little bit curious of who I am, here is my story. My blog is founded ...read more

Time for new beginnings – bye for now

· life
So… I have made a difficult decision. A decision I have thought about for a long time, which is, leaving this platform that my blog is on, SocietyB. I think the Society B network is super cool and the other ...read more