Time for new beginnings – bye for now

img_0353So… I have made a difficult decision. A decision I have thought about for a long time, which is, leaving this platform that my blog is on, SocietyB. I think the Society B network is super cool and the other Danish bloggers are doing a great job. However I have to honest to myself and to who I am, and I do not like these advertisements coming up all the time. I have no control at all of which advertisements get exposed on my blog and I find them so annoying and inappropriate. Advertisements that are not aligned with my blog and my vision, is hard for me to ignore, because when I am reading blogs with these huge ads I get so annoyed and leave after short time. So first of all, thanks for still sticking and supporting me. That means a lot to me.
Now, after almost 1 year with Bloggers Delight I have decided to go back to being myself again. I am proud to make decisions myself and I work day and night to find new content for my blog.
This means that the end of May, I will go back to my own platform and you will NOT see any advertisements. You will only get exposed to my own designed platform and it will be exactly how I think it should be. There will be no restrictions only amazingness and smooth and easy navigation – the sky it the limit in my world (and it should also be the same in yours).

I just wanted to update you with my journey… I hope you will still follow and read my blog when I am leaving Society B and Bloggers Delight.


Only love and positive vibes

Julie Pallesen

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