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I am proud to call myself ambassador to the charity organisation, Gadens BornGadens Born is a non-profit organization that works to improve the living conditions of street children in Kolkata, India. Kolkata is the poorest city in India. Even though it is a small organization they work hard to make a big difference.
The vision of Gadens Boern is to fight for a better world, where all children have equal opportunities to experience a healthy and secure childhood. They work to improve the living conditions of socially vulnerable and homeless children in Kolkata by offering them access to education, health checks, safety and solicitude, through which we seek to build up the children’s faith in life and their hope for a better future.

The Mission:
Gadens Boern is fighting to:

  • Provide non-registered children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Kolkata the opportunity to break their social heritage.
  • Provide the children with access to education through which they can explore and realise their own abilities, interests and skills.
  • Provide a worthy alternative to the streets consisting of a permanent home with access to solicitude, daily meals and health care.
  • Provide the children with the opportunity to build emotional relationships through which they can obtain a feeling of safety and security.

Gadens Born are doing several initiatives to help and improve the living standards of the children in Kolkata. Click here to see which causes.


If you want to hear more about it, feel free to contact me directly on my email, or contact Gadens Born direct, Email:

Gadens Born are in the making of a charity t-shirt, which will be launched very soon. I will keep you posted on this, so you can help making a difference in the world. Remember, even the small things matters.




Let’s make this world a better place in the way we think is right, to me, this is right. 



Julie Pallesen


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