Night Beauty with Cattier


Do you always remember to remove your make-up after a long night out? Or do you even clean your face on a Monday evening before jumping into bed?
One thing (among many things) I have been taught by my dear mother is to ALWAYS rinse your face before sleeping. Your skin is “repairing” and “recovering” during the night – it is not a coincidence that we call it “beauty sleep”. I can count on one hand the nights that I did not clean my skin and went to bed with make-up on. So during my 25 years I have always cleaned my face before sleeping and I feel bad for my skin if I think about not doing it. Therefore I have made my cleaning,-rinsing-creaming up a cosy routine that I look forward to do in the evenings. I have all my lovely skin products in my bathroom, which are always standing very nicely. Then I always begin my routine with removing make-up. Then I use a cleanser followed by tonic water. Finally I use either serum, night creme or face oil, and then eye creme. This routine takes maximum 4 minutes and you, or maybe more your skin, feels amazing afterwards. The morning after your skin is glowing instead of having to take off the make-up and do the routine then. So I believe the 4 minutes are wisely spent in the evenings.
I am currently using make-up remover from the French organic brand, Cattier Paris. The brand is available in all french pharmacies and is quite cheap. Further, I use a white clay mask from Cattier Paris twice a week. This exfoliating mask is enriched with jojoba oil which helps to moisturise and protect the skin. My night creme from Cattier Paris is light and nourishing. It contains sheabutter, blackcurrant seaweed extract, sunflowers extract and more, which are hydrating the skin. mag-gommage-argile-blanche-100ml

//White Clay Mask from Cattier-Parisbvw-purete-divine-huile-demaquillante-100ml

//Make-up remover from Cattier Paris


//Night Creme from Cattier Paris


I hope you will clean your face tonight…. Night night



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