Black Blazer Gallery


One of my basics in my wardrobe is a blazer. Besides my blazer I have a leather jacket, a denim jacket, and a bomber jacket. They are all equally important to me as it partly determines your dresscode mood.
My favourite blazer is of course the one that I am wearing from Balmain but there are many amazing blazers – it all depends on out body shape. I cannot force an oversize cool blazer on me as it just does not look great on me. We have to style after our own taste and also after our body shapes.

I have made a gallery below with exclusive black blazers, all from Net-a-Porter. Click on the image to enter the Net-a-porter page to see more.

screen-shot-2017-03-22-at-18-40-10  screen-shot-2017-03-22-at-18-40-31 screen-shot-2017-03-22-at-18-40-48



Get “blazed” up!


Julie Pallesen

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