On the-go beauty with Balm Balm at River and Raven


I am always “on-the-go” which means I always need to be ready for 24 hours away somewhere; either for job, suddenly a day is taken longer than expected, and traveling. Therefore carry a big bag equipped with my most essentials items; always a workout outfit, lingerie, make-up, hairbrush (from Mason Pearson just because it is THE best) and skincare. My newest discovery is the organic brand called Balm Balm and is available on River and Raven. Balm Balm  are doing travel size kit with a face mask, cleanser, toner, and serum. I am currently using it here in St. Barth and I was traveling with it and using it in New York and Miami too. I mean, it just makes a big difference to have smaller bottles. The fact that you can have it with you on the plane and the security is not complaining that you cannot fit all your products in the small plastic bag and with a max. of 100 ml.
Having the Balm Balm travel size kit with me makes it much easier and smooth for my journey. If you are at the gym, heading to a friend, having a long work day, or traveling – this is super. I use the serum when I am in the plane in order to calm my skin in the high altitude. 0f95d111-70fa-44ce-b30f-9f58a9f49877

My new Gucci bag, and Mason Pearson travel size brush and Balm Balm face mask and serum.


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Miami vibes135c28eb-4c57-4ad4-9a2e-95380417ef8b

On my way to St. Barthe98d31f7-c53e-4024-a752-d035f7289dcb

From St.Barth with Love

Julie Pallesen

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