St. Barth Bucket Regatta 2017


I have just been to St. Barth during the St. Barth Bucket 2017. If you have not heard about “the bucket”, do not feel bad, I did not hear or knew about it before I went this time. The St. Barth Bucket is a 3 days sail yacht race, where there are different categories of huge sail boats competing against each other. I cannot really write to much about it because I honestly do not know so much about it. And I have always been taught, that if you do not know what you are talking about, then DO NOT talk. However, what I can say is that St. Barth harbour and ocean was packed with beautiful boats and that was spectacular to look at. Two out of the three days of racing I was on a boat and we got a 2.nd place, so that was quite fun. One of the days, we were sailing, or I mean, the captain and the crew were, (while I was tanning and enjoying the sight) around the island. The other day the boat was sailing around different cliffs and doing several manoeuvres, which was fun but also a challenge to sit still as the yacht was moving from one side to the other. Luckily I do not get seasick but some of the other guests onboard did not feel amazing.
In the evenings there was parties in the yachts in the harbour and several dj’s were playing. It almost felt like there was a competition on how could do the best party on his boat…

Below are some pictures from my St. Barth Bucket 2017:





img_5851 img_1514 img_1556 img_1630 img_1635 img_1637   img_1683 img_1679


My last picture of St. Barth is the one above, taken from the small plane flying from St. Barth to St. Marteens.



Julie Pallesen

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