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This morning I went boxing with a new trainer at the cool gym BXR in London. He is training a lot of models and is a true boxing champion himself. I did a 15 minutes warm-up on the cross-trainer before my 1-hour workout session. He began the workout with 30 min. in the boxing ring. We did 10 rounds of 2 min. boxing followed by 1 min. break. He keeps pushing me during the whole sessions and makes me jump on my feet all the time. I am literally bouncing in the ring and holding my hands with the big gloves close to my face. If I forget to protect my face with my gloves he will then hit me. After several hits in the face, I started learning it… Boxing is a great way to get lean and in good shape because it makes you work the whole body and it makes you sweat.
After the 30 min. we did four different weight exercises x five times. I told him that I do not want to be big but just lean, but he still gave me the heavy weights… Let’s see if I wake up tomorrow with big muscles – I doubt it!
Tomorrow I have one more class so I can get extra ripped before my easter holiday begins.
I am training in my new outfit from Puma, which is their newest collection…. and I love it! What do you think?


Killing it in the boxing ring

[vidcore vid=”89Q3Vhit”]

[vidcore vid=”x4fmXhUC”]


Key styles from the newest Puma collection (link to Puma site here)

Get fit with Puma


Julie Pallesen


—This is a post made in collaboration wit Puma —

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