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Let’s agree on one thing. No one wants wrinkles. We all have the aim of keeping us as young-looking as possible and with a tight face for as long time as we can. I have been brought up with a mother who cared a lot about her skin and she took great care of her skin, and she still does. When I was a little girl I remember thinking that I wanted to be like that – investing in skincare products and taken care of my skin.
Since I was 12 years old I started cleansing my skin every evening, using tonic water and a creme. Since then I have been adding on skin care products to my routine and one of my latest add-ons is eye creme. That is only because I thought that only women in the age of 40+ should use eye creme. But the idea of using eye creme from an earlier age is due to preventing the wrinkles from coming, instead of using the medicine when it’s too late. I believe it is about 1 year ago, when I turned 24 years old, that my mother advised me to start using eye creme. Then I explored the market of eye protections in forms of both eye cremes and eye serums. I am using the eye serum from Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery series and I really love it. The texture is a light gel and super easy to apply. I use it morning and evening just after my creme. The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum from Jurlique is supposed to smoothen and hydrate the sensitive eye area. Jurlique’s products are organic and made on a farm in Australia, which makes me feel better about using it. The scent is very mild and floral-lavender-ish.



//The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum from Jurlique dr-martens-7

Flying with youth… 😉


Remember to protect your eyes so you do not get wrinkles too soon…



Julie Pallesen


—This is a post made in collaboration with Jurlique—

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