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screen-shot-2017-04-19-at-18-12-27For the past month I have tried Bioeffect’s Volcanic Exfoliator scrub and here is something I would like to share with you guys:
I have been using the scrub once a week and every time I used it I got surprised by how soft my skin became afterward.
– How to use: I apply a 2-second squeeze on my fingertip, then I massage the scrub into my face and add some water, which then transforms the scrub into a lighter texture. Then you feel the small volcanic cubes exfoliating the face. After two minutes of exfoliating, I rinse my face with water. It leaves your face smoother than ever.
– Results: The first time I used it, I thought; “wow, this is insane” and I even asked my boyfriend to feel my face because I felt it was so magically smooth.
And I found out, that this was not a one-time magic hit. Every week after using it, I am amazed. My skin looks and feels refreshed and pure. My skin especially appreciates Bioeffect Volcanic Exfoliator after many shooting days where I get so much make-up on, or/and after long flights.
This skincare product is really something special.
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