St. Barth vibes and style


To me, St. Barth is all about wearing colourful and fun items. I visited the cool and retro style hotel, Villa Marie Hotel for lunch. I went with a group of friends and enjoyed the jungle vibes with some chilled music and fresh fish and veggies.
I am wearing Tommy Hilfiger dress and sandals from Katharine Page. 8165f9c4-c9ac-4efb-af08-b060fe7184cc

In my new Katharine Page sandals and my Gucci bag18d764d1-1056-465f-9b03-0a8b3b9aaacb

Villa Marie Hotel St. Barthf4cacd57-9872-45d2-be82-05f5badd3677

Villa Marie Hotel St. Barth3a76d147-f219-4f6b-8a9d-f544e3f9ca22

Sunset view from Gustavia


Julie Pallesen

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